Learn more about our AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters.

117000 Series

“Medium power AC-DC single output”

AC 750 Series

“High power AC-DC single output”

AC 1100 Series

“Conduction or Spray cooled, single and 3 phase input having up to 1100 Watts output.”

AC 1400 Series

“Various output voltages up to 1400 Watt from single or three phase input.”

DC 500 Series

“Various output voltages up to 500 Watts at 18 to 32VDC input.”

DCQ 100 Series

“Various output voltages up to 500 Watts at 18 to 32VDC input.”

DCS 135 Series

“DC to DC converter with 28VDC input and various outputs from 3.3VDC to 48VDC.”

LIN Series

“Single and Triple Output, 19” Rack Mounted High Power Linear Power supplies.”

VPX Series

“6U Six Output VPX DC to DC Converter Modified for Custom Application.”


Modular 16-Output Supply

“Design tradeoffs led to a modular design approach for a military airborne power supply with 16 outputs and 520W total power out.”

400Hz Input Voltage Phase Difference

“A difference of only 10 degrees between two phases of the input voltage applied to a 400hz power supply will increase input capacitor voltage ripple and affect the supply’s performance.”

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Housekeeping Power Supply For Military Applications

“Military and high-rel power systems place specific isolation requirements upon the designer. Four circuits can cover a wide output range possible in such bias/housekeeping power supplies.”

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Filter Components Cuts Emissions And Output Noise

“A new power supply design uses a combination of chassis capacitors, non-inductive snubber resistors and an inductor to achieve
500 mVp-p and 35 dB reduction in output noise and radiated emissions, respectively.”
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